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ecopa’s Board represents the 4 stakeholder groups: Academia, Animal Welfare, Government and Industry. The Board Members for 2018-2019 are as follows:

Academia: Tuula Heinonen (Finland, Vice-President)

deputy: Philippe Vanparys (Belgium)

Animal Welfare: Kristine Wagner (Germany)

Deputy: Marianne Norring (Finland)

Government: Philippe Hubert (France, President)

Deputy: Stefano Lorenzetti (Italy)

Industry: Erwin Roggen (Denmark)

Deputy: Costanza Rovida (Italy)

ecopa’s Treasurer: Philippe Vanparys (Belgium)

ecopa’s Secretary: Costanza Rovida (Italy). Deputy: Luisa Bastos (Austria)

The statutes of ecopa (approved on 22 September 2015)

The rest of this page contains mainly historical information. Please contact us on info(at)ecopa.eu if you would like more detailed information.



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