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2nd ecopa Annual Workshop 2001 – Programme

Day 1 (27 Oct. 2001)

Moderator: V. Rogiers, ecopa Working Group, B

08:30 Opening:
Belgian Minister for Consumer Protection, Public Health and Environment, Mrs M. Aelvoet
08:45 The Whitebook Strategy for a Future Chemical Policy: Intentions of the Commission
G. Vogelgesang, DG Environment, B
09:15 The European Whitebook on chemicals: Start into an Area of Alternatives to Animal Experimentation?
B. Garthoff, ecopa working group D
09:45 View of the (European) Chemical Industry and CEFIC
R. Taalman, CEFIC, B
10:15 Coffee break

Moderator: P. Maier, ecopa Working Group, CH

10:45 View of the Animal Welfare Associations
U. Sauer, EUROGROUP for Animal Welfare, D
11:15 View of a Toxicologist
Ph. Botham, ECETOC, UK
11:45 View of an Institution for Implementation of Alternatives
H. Spielmann, Zebet, D
12:15 View of Environmental Associations
NN (WWF/Greenpeace)
12:45 Lunch

Moderator: J. Castell, ecopa Working Group, E

14:00 Policy on Chemicals: is there a Right or Wrong ?
J. Huggard, Weinberg Cons., B
14:30 A governmental View: Torn between Environmental Concern and Lab Animal Death ?
E. Sandberg, Ministry of Environment, S
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Possibilities for prescreening alternatives
E. Walum, Stockholm University, S
15:50 In silico prediction of harmful effects triggered by chemicals
A. Vedani, CH
16:00 Podium Discussion: The Way Forward ?
Moderator: L. Bansil, P&G, U
E. Walum, Stockholm University, S
K. Gabrielson, Ecopa working group, S
G. Vollmer, ECBD, IRC, I
H. Bolt, Ifado, D
17:00 Coffee Break

Moderators: P. Maier, and J. Castell ecopa Working Group, CH and E

17:30 Preparatory Session on the Founding of ecopa:
Statutes, Proposals of Working Group
18:30 End of Day 1
19:00 Cocktail and Dinner

Day 2 , 28 Oct. 2001 (Foundation Session of ecopa)

Moderators: V. Rogiers and B. Garthoff, ecopa working group, B and G

08:30 Board Elections
10:00 First ecopa-Activities
splitting-up of participants in 2 groups to work on proposals for ecopa initiatives with guidance by H. Spielmann (D) and C. Hendriksen (NL).
10.10-10.40: Chemical Whitebook
10.40-11.10: 6th- Framework Program
11.10-11.40: Education/Information Program on Alternatives
11:40 Presentation of proposals by group 1
12:10 Presentation of proposals by group 2
12:40 Closure of 2nd ecopa Workshop
14:30 Brunch and Departure


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Dr. Peter Maier
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Mrs. Karin Gabrielson
Swedish Fund for Research without Animal Experiments
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Prof. Dr. Apr. V. Rogiers
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