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3rd ecopa Annual Workshop 2002 – Programme

Day 1, Saturday, 09 Nov. 2002

Moderator: V. Rogiers, ecopa Working Group, B

09:00 Opening:
Mr. J. Tavernier(c), Belgian Minister for Consumer Protection, Public Health and Environment
09:15 Development of Guidelines: Policies and Technical Procedure: Slow Process at OECD? Approaches by New Testing Strategies vs. Validation
H. Koëter(c), Princ. Administrator, Environment Directorate, OECD, Paris, F
09:45 Guidelines for Alternatives: Does it Require Decades? The Need for Research!
B. Garthoff, ecopa working group D
10:15 Coffee break

Moderator: K. Pelkonen, ecopa Working Group, SF

10:45 View of the Animal Welfare Associations / ICAPO
M. L. Stephens (c), Secretariate of ICAPO, USAD
11:15 View of an Industrial Toxicologist
D. Esdaile (c), ECETOC, F
11:45 View of a Governmental Institution for Implementation of Alternatives
H. Spielmann (c), Zebet, D
12:15 View of a National Coordinator: Canada
D. Blakey (c), Environmental Health Science, Ontario, CND
12:45 View of a National Coordinator: UK
13:15 Lunch

Moderator: H. Spielmann, ecopa Working Group, D

14:00 Governmental View: State’s Involvement
14:30 The Scientific View: Alternatives to be Introduced
6th Framework Programme: Follow-up on the Commission Stakeholders Meeting of 9-10 July, Brussels
B. Lucaroni (c), Sci. Off. DG Research, B/EU
15:00 Small Scale Pre-validation Studies in Industry: The Way Forward
Proposal for the Reduction of Animal Use in Routine in vivo Micronucleus Testing
P. Vanparys (c), Johnson & Johnson PR&D, B
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Podium discussion: Speeding up Implementation of Alternative Methods in OECD and other Worldwide Guidelines: Ideas for a speedy process.
Moderator: L. Bansil, P&G, UK
H. Koëter (c), OECD, F
D. Wilkins (c), EUROGROUP for Animal Welfare, B
K. van Leeuven (c), DG JRC, IHCP, I/EU
T. Hartung (c), New Head of ECVAM, I/EU
H. Spielmann (c), ZEBET,D
R. Taalman (c), CEFIC, B
N. N., MEP, NL
A. Doyle, MEP, IR
N.N., ecopa Working Group
17:00 Coffee Break

Moderators: P. Maier, and J. Castell ecopa Working Group, CH and E

17:30 Preparatory Session on the Founding of ecopa:
Statutes, Proposals of Working Group and Assessing Lawyers
18:30 End of Day 1
19:00 Cocktail and Dinner

Day 2 , Sunday, 10 Nov. 2002

Moderators: P. Maier, and J. Castell ecopa Working Group, CH and E

08:30 Acceptance of ecopa Statutes, Board Elections (by poll/ballot)
10:00 ecopa-Activities
splitting-up of participants in 2 groups to work on proposals for ecopa initiatives with guidance by K. Cußler, PEI (D) and W. Pfaller (A)
10.10-10.40: How to Push Countries to Adapt Alternative Guidelines
10.40-11.10: Follow up Stream of New Research Proposals/6th- Framework Program
11.10-11.40: Education/Information Program on Alternatives
11:40 Presentation of proposals by group 1
12:10 Presentation of proposals by group 2
12:40 Closure of 3rd ecopa-Workshop
13:00 Brunch and Departure